10 Tips on Where to Meet a Man

Being single is quite a trip these days. Here are some tips to help you navigate through the roller coaster ride of dating and how to find your soulmate.

First –  You don’t need to spend a lot of money, there are free dating sites available and that is where I would start. For Example; Tinder, Bumble, Plenti of Fish, OK Cupid, LuvFree, Zoosk, ConnectingUtahSingles.com, (or whatever State you live in) and many more.  I highly recommend not using “it’s Just Lunch” or Salt Lake Singles. These are extremely expensive sites and not worth the money.  Other dating top sites which do require a monthly fee include; Our Time, EHarmony, Elite, Professional Match, Single Parent Meet and Match.Com. For more information go to www.HelloBeautifulLadies.com  and purchase my Guide to Dating Do’s and Don’ts.

My favorite place to meet not just men but other wonderful and engaging individuals of similar interests is “Meet –Ups.”  A great site to meet individuals who are interested in the same hobbies, events, and lifestyle that you have. Take the opportunity to go outside of your comfort zone and join a few that you may not even have considered before; such as a painting class, hiking club, cooking club, wine tasting, horticulture, you get the idea. For more information go to HelloBeautifulLadies.com and purchase my Guide to Dating Do’s and Don’ts.

Collect local newspapers and magazines, they are generally free and have a calendar of all the events going on in your city.  Attend an event outside of your comfort zone and go alone, you are always more approachable alone or with one friend than if you are with a gaggle of girls or a group of women. Men are generally too shy to approach a large group than they are one or two women. For more information go to HelloBeautifulLadies.com  and purchase my Guide to Dating Do’s and Don’ts.

Networking is the best. I love networking with both my single and married friends. Ask all your acquaintances if they know of any eligible men they could line you up with? I like this method because the men are generally pre-screened for any bad habits, items such as alcoholism, drugs use, abusive personalities, tempers, selfishness, cheapness or otherwise unhealthy lifestyles., employment and housing information can be provided in advance.  Are they active, what do they like to do, family and background information is available. For more information go to HelloBeautifulLadies.com  and purchase my Guide to Dating Do’s and Don’ts.

Get Active –  Get involved in sports and sporting events.  Workout at a local gym, memberships are often as low as $9.99 per month. Be the best you can be, be in good shape not only to catch a man but for your own personal health and wellbeing and longevity of life.  Men love sports, both playing them and watching them. I personally have season tickets to soccer, basketball, football and gymnastics.  I work out with a personal trainer, bike, play golf, hike, do yoga, ski, waterski, do the climbing wall and play tennis. Best places ever to meet men and best of all they keep me fit and in shape and it’s fabulous for your own mental health. Now I’m not saying that you must participate in all those activities but at least pick one or two and follow sports on television so that you have something to engage in a conversation about. For more information go to HelloBeautifulLadies.com  and purchase my Guide to Dating Do’s and Don’ts.

Volunteer –  Participate in fundraising events, help in your local community, get on Boards of companies and foundations.  Serve meals at your local food banks, get involved in a cause. You will feel better about yourself and have gratitude for your life and you will be giving back to your community. Most of all you will feel good about yourself and in the process, you my just meet Mr. Wonderful and Mr. Right. For more information go to HelloBeautifulLadies.com  and purchase my Guide to Dating Do’s and Don’ts.

Bars –  If you decide you want to frequent the local bars to meet a man, you must be sure to only frequent upscale bars so that you have a better chance of meeting higher caliber individuals.  Never, ever, ever get plastered or drunk, for then you may engage in activities you would most likely regret later, let alone be open to a dangerous or life threatening situations. Always be cautious and have your wits about you.   I have a little trick I like to use at bars – I order a glass of wine and a glass or bottle of Pellegrino which I add to my wine which makes it a wine spritzer and that way I don’t consume too much alcohol. Never give out your phone number, you may collect the gentleman’s phone number so that you are in control and have the option of contacting him if you so choose.  Never get in a car with a man you just met. Do not dance with them suggestively or allow them to fondle you. Do not kiss them or act in a sexual or suggestive manner.  This would lead them to believe you only want sex and are a one night stand. Always act like a lady and protect your precious assets your body and your mind. A recent article I read indicated that 66% of Americans have Herpes.  Be safe, Be smart. For more information go to HelloBeautifulLadies.com  and purchase my Guide to Dating Do’s and Don’ts.

Cultural Events – Joining Rotary Clubs,  attending music festivals, outdoor concerts, painting classes, cooking classes, hiking clubs, art gallery strolls, ballet, opera, symphony, plays, local farmers markets and  – interestingly enough,  the, grocery store. Always look your best when going out in public, you never know who or when you will meet Mr. Right.  Don’t dress sloppily in sweats with no makeup and your hair a mess.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had gentleman approach me at the grocery store with a silly line like “oh you seem to know how to select your vegetables. What is your secret? Frequent local coffee shops and work on your lap top or read a book. For more information go to HelloBeautifulLadies.com  and purchase my Guide to Dating Do’s and Don’ts.

Religious Affiliations – There are religious dating sites such as Christian Singles, Christian Mingle. If you are spiritually inclined, then attending the religious affiliation of your choice is always a great place to find someone who has your same spiritual beliefs. It’s no guarantee that they are a perfect person but at least they are on the right path and the same path as you. Religion or lack thereof can often be a source of contention in relationships. So be certain that whomever you get serious with has the same religious beliefs and goals as you, otherwise this will be a source of contention and consternation through the relationship and could eventually be its demise.

Smile and be Friendly –  One thing I’ve learned in life is that you never know what another individual is going through. So why not talk to a stranger, smile at a stranger and give them a compliment. It will make both of you feel better and raise your spirits. And who knows – you just might meet someone wonderful whom you might have overlooked because we are often so busy and lost in our own thoughts that we don’t take time to stop and smell the roses. For more information go to HelloBeautifulLadies.com  and purchase my Guide to Dating Do’s and Don’ts.

Always Be Yourself – Put your best face forward, don’t be phony or fake, don’t try to impress. Don’t act desperate or needy. Smile, be happy and positive. Don’t discuss how your past relationships have done you wrong or screwed you over. Don’t criticize your previous spouse or blame them for your problems. Don’t act stupid and brainless. Be assertive and strong. Don’t talk too much. Ask questions. I find that on my first date I simply ask questions and listen. People like to talk about them self’s and you will find out a lot about that individual by simply asking questions, listening and asking more questions. If the person you are with is a braggart, is selfish. If they don’t ask you about yourself you know they are self-centered and it’s all about them. Don’t grill them there is an art to getting people to talk about themselves. If you need to prepare a list of questions before the date and try to rehearse some of them beforehand so that you can remember to ask about topics that are important to you.

Please join me for more information and a Guide to finding your soulmate along with a a lasting and meaningful relationship at www.HelloBeautifulLadies.com to purchase my Guide to Dating Do’s and Don’ts.


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