How do you measure success?

We all want success. What does success mean to you? How you define the word “success” determines how satisfied you are with your life. If success is a moving target, with the finish line always just beyond your reach, it will impact everything from motivation to perseverance. If it is measured simply by a specific financial goal or job title or what care you drive or how big your house is, well then, I think you’ll find the rewards rather empty when you attain those goals. You will always be dissatisfied and wanting more. The rewards will be hollow.  I always say “You can’t take it with you when you die” So to me, success is, spending time helping others and receiving gratification and joy from giving to others, spending time with family and friends creating lasting memories that will endure forever. Traveling and meeting new people, this is something that gives me joy and makes me grateful for the people and things in my life.

Success is a harmony of purpose, resilience and joy

Here are 3 items to help you gain joy and success in your life.


Does your daily life align with your life purpose? Do the activities in which you engage daily have meaning in your life? When you live life on purpose, you’re not afraid to make bold moves or mistakes because you understand your mission in life.


Do you find a way to work around obstacles or do you let them get you stuck? On the path to success, obstacles, challenges and disappointments are inevitable. The most important skill you need is resilience: your ability to bounce back and even grow because of your challenges. If you’re doing that, you’re successful … and more success is headed your way.


We pursue success or the pursuit of money and things, because we believe that, in some way, it will make us happier. However, if you learn how to be happy on the way to your goal, that’s real success – not wait to be happy until you obtain this or that. I will be happy when this happens, etc.  If you are holding your happiness hostage to your circumstances then you will find it hard to be happy on a daily basis. Your ability to live in this world, to deal with challenges and keep your joy is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Your joy is a strength that empowers you to persevere, reach goals and build strong relationships. So, love, laugh, play and be grateful.

Daily Challenge

Measure your success by a definition that has real meaning to you. Take some time to write down the things in your life you are grateful for and the things that bring you joy. Hopefully these things are not monetary, for monetary things can be lost in a day. But family, friends, love, loyalty, and gratitude will bring you happiness and joy.

I begin each day with an inspirational thought, a prayer in my heart and I look in the mirror and find something to compliment myself on.  I challenge all of you Beautiful Ladies out there to do the same.

“All you can take with you, are the memories of time spent with the people you love”.

                                                                                                                                                                  Andrea Swensen



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