ASK ANDREA – 5 things to never eat before going out drinking.


Hello Beautiful Ladies. One of my bloggers ASKED ANDREA  if there was anything she could do to help so that when she went out drinking she wouldn’t get tipsy so fast. So here are some rules to remember if you know you are going out for a night on the town.

  • The key is fluids, drink a glass of water for every drink of alcohol. Hydrate and Hydrate.
  • No salty foods, French fries, Sushi, spicy, popcorn, or peanuts, these foods all dehydrate you.
  • Salads don’t fuel the body you must eat protein because it slows down the rise of your blood alcohol level.
  • Stay away from high-caffeine drinks such as Red Bull simply make you a wide-awake drunk and they also dehydrate the body.  

Keep in mind if you are on a date, don’t get too tipsy or sloppy drunk, most men of any quality won’t appreciate that attribute in a woman, and if he does, his goal is probably to take advantage of you. When you have had too much to drink you let your inhibitions down and will take unnecessary risks that you might not ordinarily take.

For example, I know an intelligent young lady who went out partying with her friends, she had too much to drink and went outside with a fellow she had just met in the bar. They went to an alley behind the building and had sex, out in the open for passersby to see. I was so shocked when she relayed this incident to me. This was not like her, not something she would normally do, but the effects of the alcohol dulled her senses and inhibitions, so she let down her guard and participated in risky behavior.  She was lucky not to have been raped, kidnapped or killed by this stranger.

Do any of my other fellow beautiful ladies have any tried and true tips for staving off the effects of alcohol?

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