5 Tips on How to be Nicer

People gravitate to individuals who are genuinely nice and caring, people who are authentic. Here are 5 tips on how to be nicer in 2018.

Avoid Criticism & Gossip: Steer clear of judging or complaining about others. It creates a negative environment in the workplace, at home, with friends, acquaintances, and family.  Give People the benefit of doubt. Look past faults and seek out their positive qualities and focus on those. Even if they don’t treat you nicely, kill them with kindness and don’t gossip about them.  If you gossip and trash others, then your listeners will always wonder what you are saying about them behind their back and you will never be trusted.



Be a Good Listener:   Sometimes people just want you to listen to them, not to respond or solve their problem, just actively listen.  What does active listening mean?  It means looking into their eyes, mirroring their body language and NOT impatiently waiting for someone to stop talking so you can tell your story. Ask follow-up questions that will encourage them to share more with you. Valuing their perspectives and making an effort to get to know them builds trust and empathy and endears people to you.


Pay it Forward: Let someone in line before you, let them walk in the door before you, help a colleague, pick up something they have dropped, share your time, your money, volunteer, give someone a ride, make someone a meal, visit a lonely person in a care center. When you share your time and money with those less fortunate, then you become more grateful for what you have in life and your heart opens and you feel greater satisfaction in life.

Take Time to Chillout: The calmer you are the nicer you will be and the less stress you will experience. Anger, hate, and jealous create stress and tension in life and can cause you to lash out at others as a way to vent your frustrations.  Use relaxation techniques, medication, write your gratitude list and a list of all your positive traits, celebrate every accomplishment no matter how small. Take deep breaths, sleep on it before you react, stretch, take a walk, listening to soothing music, enjoy some fresh air.

  • Use Magic Words:  Say please and thank you no matter who you are interacting with, at the store, at a restaurant. Smile at everyone, give them a compliment. You never know what someone is dealing with and you may just make their day. Nice words show appreciation and respect. Those simple words can make a mundane day a little more pleasant, which in turn helps other be more congenial.


  • lynda brown says:

    What great advice. I know that when I am faced with people who don’t do the listed suggestions I will leave them out of my life, I recently told a man that would frequently say snide and snarky things under his breath when my schedule wouldn’t accomodate him. I told him via messenger that I had no time in my life for even a sliver of negativity so I was walking away from the feriendshi. It was actually easier to do than I thought especially when he wanted to discuss it. I didn’t have time nor desire for that either. Do others think I was right in putting my own mental health first?

    1. j r says:

      You have already answered your question “Do others think I’m right in putting my own mental health first?” I guess you have to examine how you did it, and maybe why your still looking for an answer.

      1. I think one should always put their own mental health first. It’s not selfish. You can’t help others unless you are in a good frame of mind yourself.

    2. OMG I love you. Good for you. I remember going to dinner with an individual and I sat there and listened to every comment he made and every comment was negative. Negativity kills your spirit and your soul. eliminate those people from your life.

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