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I moved to Arizona in February 13th 2017. I needed a change of environment however this meant leaving all my friends and people I knew from Utah. I knew nobody here- except my mom and one girl named Amanda. This is me and some girls I have met in the fitness community! It’s amazing what just showing up and committing to something can do! Two of the girls I met at Corepower Yoga and the others I met here at Cyclebar! The community here is strong, Since I have a membership at Corepower Yoga they give me four free rides at Cyclebar! Health and fitness is key for me in staying sober. I need to get the healthy endorphins and dopamine that exercise create. I always tell people who are newly sober or having a hard time staying sober to find a form of exercise they can do weekly- It is the best outlet. I was lucky to always have sports or exercise in my life but after getting sober is when I discovered more types of fitness, due to the fact I now had to fill my “using” time with something else. When I hit 27 my metabolism really “slowed” down. I was doing yoga 5-6 times a week and not seeing the results I wanted. Now I Cycle 2-3 times a week just adding that cardio was a game changer!


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