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HBL Focus Group Event

What is the Focus Group about?  It’s about Constant and Never Ending Improvement. Help me help you? That’s right. Help me help you.  What content would you like to see on the website?  What content would you like ASK ANDREA to cover in her blogs. Basically What Floats Your Boat!

How can I improve HBL to make it better and more helpful for you?  You are my audience, my customers, my friends, my supporters and my beautiful ladies on the inside and out. You make this possible. And my goal is to provide you with the best content, resources,  and advice possible.

I can’t do that without your input. I want to hear from you, help me grow and learn from you. How can I make you successful in your relationships, career, life, business? Help me help you.

So come share good food, good wine, good company, be a part of the HBL movement. We are going to sponsor these events quarterly because the only thing constant is change.  Read the Book who moved my Cheese. Our first event will be  Sunday, January 14th from 11-2, so get on FB and join the event.

How can you help me spread the word – Go to the HBL FB page and like, follow and share the Hello Beautiful Ladies FB site. The person who gets the most shares from their share will win an HBL  Sterling Silver Necklace.  My passion & purpose in life is helping as many women as possible and you can help me by spreading the word that help is out there for FREE.



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