Affirmations of a BITCH – Beautiful, Intelligent, Tenacious, Charming, Hottie

Affirmations of a BITCH – Beautiful, Intelligent, Tenacious, Charming, Hottie

Beautiful –  I am Beautiful inside and out. I am worthy of love. I love myself so therefore I can love others and accept them for who and what they are. My inner beauty radiates outward. I am genuine, loving, kind, caring thoughtful and gracious. When people give me a compliment I thank them.  I know that looks will fade and the only thing I can take with me in life are my memories of the time I shared with people, the love I gave the good deeds that I spread. I find self-worth in giving of my time and focusing on the positive. Others gravitate towards me because of the positive energy that surrounds me.

Intelligent –  I pride my self on Constant and Never Ending Self Improvement.  I consistently set and strive towards achieving personal and professional goals. I read a minimum of one book a month, I stay current on national and global news, I incorporate a new word each week into my vocabulary. I set goals to learn something new each day and I strive to expand my horizons by doing something outside my comfort zone at least once a week.   The average CEO and Corporate Professional read about 60 books a year. I hang out with people who are more intelligent than myself so that I can learn from them. I am open to others opinions and views. I am proactive, I take the initiative. I don’t sit back and wait for others to do for me what I can accomplish myself.  I have a list of my positive traits and affirmations which I read to myself daily. I give thanks and gratitude for all that is good and great in my life.


Tenacious – I don’t give up. I know that my goals are worthy and attainable. I know I must work hard and be consistent to attain success and achieve my goals.  I am focused and I don’t allow my self to become distracted or sidetracked. I work with a purpose in mind. I don’t step on toes to get to the top, yet I don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way or prevent me from reaching my goals and striving towards success. No is not a word in my vocabulary. There is always a way, I simply need to find it and sometimes that requires asking the right questions or taking a detour to get where I want to go. I am persistent and I follow through. I am unstoppable. I am the Queen of my empire, my home, my life, my business and my purpose. I am relentless.



Charming – A smart woman knows how to use her wiles and her assets. She is charming, witty, polished, refined, has good grammar and etiquette. She never gets drunk and embarrasses herself in public. She maintains a polished demeanor. She acts like a lady, a princess, and demands that she be treated as such. She sets her standards high and doesn’t compromise her principles and values. She knows how to employ humor to diffuse tense or uncomfortable situations. She seeks the positive and looks for the good.  She is fun to be around and is always happy and positive. She doesn’t  constantly whine or complain. She is refined and cultured, yet can still let her hair down and have fun in the right situations.  You always know where she stands and where you stand with her. She is open, honest, transparent and fair. She is a lady, beautiful on the inside and out.  She is to be cherished, loved and treated with respect because she demands it and deserves it.


Hottie – She is a hottie. Her magnetic energy draws people towards her. She exudes confidence and power. She believes in herself. She knows she can.  Her confidence and charisma are contagious.  She influences and inspires others.  She is an example through her actions, deeds, and words. She practices what she preaches, she is true to her word. She is woman, hear her roar, in forces to big to ignore. When she enters a room, the energy changes and people turn to notice her. She is the center of attention and the focus of those around her. People gravitate towards her, they want to be part of her Tribe, they want to emulate her. They admire and look up to her. She is an Icon for women. She supports and empowers other women. She celebrates life, she is bigger than life. She is always herself and doesn’t need or seek the approval of others.






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