Hats for Hope and Strength

Healing Hats for Hope and Strength

Nicolette Hofferty, Founder, CEO   XOXOhats.org

[email protected]

Hats for Healing & Hats for Strength 801-309-6630  We are a 501C3 Organization and we accept donations.

I want to introduce you to the reason why XOXO Hats for Strength started. I think about this timeline every year. Ben and I were elementary buddies, we would run around careless and free, pretending to be horses. I found out he was terminal December 2012. I found his beautiful wife’s FB page. When I saw my childhood friend so sick. I cried so hard. I saw that Sara was asking for help in making children’s hats for Primary Children’s Medical Center. I started knitting a random beanie and ‘XOXOXOXO’ started to form. I immediately contacted someone at Huntsman Cancer Institute, Susan Sheehan. We hosted our first ride the next May. I have always had a passion for Harley Davidson. I met my husband when I worked there.

My sweet friend Ben passed away February 2013. On Valentine’s Day that year, I delivered the first group of XOXO Hats. After dropping the XOXO Hats off, I pulled up my Facebook and this picture popped up. I stood in the parking lot bawling and thinking, YES, XOXO Hats is the right thing to do.

I loved this touch that Ben and Sara did, so sweet and thoughtful to everyone who helped them. XxOo “May your precious head always be surrounded in Hugs and Kisses.” Nicolette


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