Ask Andrea – Are You A Strong – Self-Confident, Self-Assured Woman?

Are you a Self-Confident Woman?  Are you Strong and Self Assured?  

There are many ways you can spot a self-confident woman because they stand out in a crowd and they stand apart from the crowd.

  1. Strong Women Exude Natural Confidence

A self-assured woman possesses a   natural sense of confidence and it is this sense of confidence that causes people to follow her everywhere that she goes.  It’s what makes her an inspiration to others and a natural born leader. Her confidence is well-earned and because she is comfortable with herself she doesn’t feel the need for bravado or cockiness, she is not self-affected she is self- assured. She is confident in her abilities to get the job done properly which attracts positivity. A self-confident woman is not loud, boastful or prideful, she does not look for attention or credit, praise or adulation. Her ability to conduct herself in such a manner garners respect from her friends and peers. When confidence is derived from natural skill it is genuine.

  1. A Strong Woman’s Actions Appear Effortless

It takes a great deal of practice and hard work to make actions appear effortless.  Have you ever had someone say, you don’t have to work hard at anything, things come naturally for you? I have to work so hard a being good at my job, or a good wife or mother or friend or skilled etc. By seeming to have it all together at all times, the self-assured woman inspires loyalty in those around her as they are impressed by her innate ability to remain on point, calm, collected and confident when others around her are falling apart.

  1. A Strong Confident Woman Says it Like it is.

She speaks her mind and is not afraid to speak up and share her opinion because she knows she has something value-able to add. A woman who says it like it is stand out from the crowd. People are drawn to her because they know that she will always tell the truth and won’t sugarcoat reality to avoid hurting feelings. While this may not be endearing, it is respected and should always be done in a non-judgemental fashion.  People are able to see and sense her honesty and therefore develop a strong level of admiration for her blunt and genuine nature.


  1. Strong Women Engage & Have the Ability Accept & Utilize Constructive Criticism

Strong, self-confident women are never afraid to hear the truth about themselves and no matter how much they have achieved, they are still willing to continue to continue to grow and improve.  Have you heard the term CANEI – Constant and Never Ending Improvement. We should all be striving for continual improvement otherwise we are stagnant or moving backward.  If she can dish out criticism, she also has no problem accepting it in return. When positive criticism comes her way, she has the ability to internalize it and learn more from it, instead of feeling, hurt or slighted or getting angry, upset or defensive. Her willingness to absorb criticism and her ability to differentiate between negative and positive critiques is crucial to her continued success.

  1. A Strong Self-Confident Woman Doesn’t Compete with Other Women She Embraces Them   – A strong woman develops her owns sense of style and self-worth and is not influenced by anyone other than herself because she knows what works for her and more importantly, what does not. She does not become swept up in other people’s expectations for her and judgments of her. She is supremely comfortable in her own skin and understands that insecurity only serves to feed into the judgment of the world. Watching the successes of other women are who are better looking or closer to their goals is inspiring for her and she is truly happy for their success. She strives to support them in any way she can. A confident woman looks into the mirror every morning with the awareness that she is her only competition. I suggest reading the Book by Terry Cole-Whitaker  “What You Think of Me is None of My Business”.
  2. Strong, Successful Woman are Professional, Emotionally & Mentally Intelligent

Knowing how to read situations and people is important. Strong women know how to read the situation and know how to identify a potentially harmful relationship or situation and back away from it.

She draws from her reservoir of experience and knowledge and never places herself in a predicament that she can’t get out of, either professional or personally.  Having the foresight to walk away from relationships or difficult situations before they take a turn for the worse saves her a great deal of time, stress and regret.

  1. Strong women maintain a healthy work and life balance.

Strong women understand how important it is to maintain a healthy life/work balance and never lose sight of its importance. They also understand the importance of fitting exercise into their schedule, getting enough sleep and maintaining a healthy diet is in order to keep up with the rigors of work and life. Strong women are able to discern when it is time for work and when it is time for play. She knows when it’s time for a break, time to relax, meditate and rejuvenate. She allows herself the opportunity to take a break without feeling guilty.


So… ask yourself –Are you a strong, self-confident woman?  If not, keep a journal of key areas wherein you believe you could improve and set about reaching that goal one step at a time, one day at a time or even, one hour at a time. Don’t feel the need to tackle every area at once, remember you can’t eat an elephant in one bit, so small steps. Because we are continually striving towards improvement, the great thing is that we will never arrive because there is always room to grow and improve.  Remember don’t compare yourself to others, chances are they are comparing themselves to you.

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