ASK ANDREA – Sunday Sermon from the Hello Beautiful Ladies Church of Inner Beauty


It seems so much of the focus these days is on physical beauty. The press, the media, movies, modeling, it all seems to promote outer beauty. Why do we focus so much on outer beauty when we all know that our looks will fade but what we have developed inside will always be there.  The increase in plastic surgery in incredible, do we really need to alter our outer self to find our inner self? We all have inner beauty, it’s our inner beauty that radiates and shines in our face and make our eyes twinkle and sparkle when we smile and laugh.  Inner beauty is profoundly more important than physical beauty. It’s something that you must nurture and cherish, and something that plays a huge role in building up your sense of self-esteem.

When you work on your inner beauty, your self-confidence seems to miraculously improve as well!


1. Make an “I Love Me” list. This is a powerful tool to help you discover your inner beauty. Write down all of your good qualities that don’t relate to something physical. Are you sweet, kind, loving, generous, sincere, giving, thoughtful, helpful, courteous, Love animals and children? These attributes are related to your inner beauty. The process of writing your strengths down gives you tangible evidence of your great inner qualities that you may not have realized before. What do your friends say your good qualities are? What do they see in you that you don’t see in yourself? Learn to accept compliments graciously, say thank you and smile, don’t poo poo a sincere compliment that tells the other person they are wrong and their opinion doesn’t matter.

2. Surround yourself with people who have and exhibit the inner qualities you admire. Of course, they may also have physical beauty, but the reason you’re drawn to them is that they’re caring, loving, gentle, or otherwise admirable because of their inner qualities. When you surround yourself with these kinds of people, your own inner beauty tends to shine through also. They may even point out your inner beauty to you. People like this look beyond the outer shell and focus on what’s important inside.

3. Cultivate your inner beauty.Most of us know how to take care of our physical beauty: we get our nails and hair done, we stay in shape, buy new clothes, and so on. Taking care of the inside isn’t something we pay attention to.  Remember when you discover and improve your inner beauty, physical beauty follows. Think about a time when you’ve met someone and weren’t attracted to their physical beauty at first,  but after you got to know them and saw their inner beauty, they began to be more physically attractive. What can you do to bring out your inner beauty? It’s simple: Be real! Be authentic! Be yourself! Show beautiful qualities like compassion, love, and patience, and practice them daily. People know when you are being real and authentic so don’t be fake be sincere.

4. Avoid negative people and talk. Gossip and negative comments about others breeds more negativity within you. Instead, focus on the good in people. This will help you cultivate and develop your own inner beauty, too. Focusing on the positive qualities of others brings out the best in you. You’ll also find that you’ll attract positive people because they enjoy being around you.  Inner Beauty comes from within. It is a state of experiencing the wholeness of your human being in harmony and balance in the present moment. We experience our inner beauty when we are aligned with our life’s purpose, our passion, our true heart’s desire and with our whole self.  People who are attuned to their inner beauty exude a vibrant presence that feels uplifting and energizing.  Their inner state brings forth a sense of pleasure and contentment in others. 


5. How to Connect to Your Inspiration, Purpose, and Passion
Perform this simple meditation – Close your eyes, and notice your breath that inspires you. Inhale through the nose in a comfortable position where you may feel very relaxed. Allow yourself to witness the sensations of your breath without judgment. Become aware of how your inhalation makes you feel. How do deep and slow breaths make you feel on the inside? When we make time to experience the sensations of peace and expansiveness through noticing our breath, our self-perception becomes more radiant and beautiful.
6. Acknowledge Your Inner self
Notice qualities within yourself that help you to find meaning, pleasure, and satisfaction. What ignites your passion? What is your true heart’s desire? To enhance your inner beauty, allow yourself to feel love, joy, gratitude, and compassion for your being, your soul.
7. Be in the NOW. 
Be present emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically. How do these different aspects of your being feel in relation to one another? Do you feel connected or scattered? Many times we feel disconnected when our thoughts are in the past or in the future. If we are filled with resentment or anxiety, it is difficult to be in the present moment and experience our innate joy and peace. Let go of the past and of the future. Have an intention and goals for your life, but don’t allow them to take you away from experiencing the beauty of living in the NOW. When we pause to feel, breathe, experience and observe ourselves brings us closer to experiencing the inner beauty that is our natural state of being; we just need to remind ourselves to look within.Inner beauty to be the delightful combination of self-love, self-acceptance, self-confidence, humility, optimism, kindness and passion.
8. Smile.
It is viewed across cultures as a sign of friendliness when greeting someone. If for some reason you don’t want to smile try smiling with your eyes.  People can spot a fake smile and that can quickly make them distrust you so mean it when you smile, be genuine. When you smile your face lights up and your persona changes and positive energy flows from you to the individual to whom you are smiling at. 
 9. Be Confident.  Even if you don’t feel confident act like you do, you’ve heard the adage fake it till you make, fake confidence until you feel confident.  Confidence comes with practice. Being confident is not about thinking too highly yourself, but agreeing with the inner voice that tells you that you are beautiful, special and you enrich the lives of people around you.  You are beautiful no matter your size, color, and shape. That is what Hello Beautiful Ladies is all about. Beauty on the inside and out. Believe that and it will enhance your inner beauty. 
10. Be Passionate – Live life to the fullest with passion and vim and vigor. Find your passion and your purpose. Treat each day as though it were the last.   Every step towards your passion will make you happier and increase your confidence. The fact that you are well and living means you have an opportunity to make an impact, so make one. Be kind, be friendly, excude a generous, warm-hearted nature, be understanding, charitable, considerate, and tolerant.  
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