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Sunday Photo Shoot for Hello Beautiful Ladies. Wow I'm so fortunate to be able to share my site, my life  and vision with these wonderful, brilliant, successful,  beautiful women both inside and out. Watch for more blogs from them on my site. 
Gratitude: You’ll find an article in the August Issue of the Hello Beautiful Ladies Newsletter on Gratitude. I invite you to visit website and sign up for our monthly newsletter which is full of Beauty tips, dating tips, lifestyle tips, recipes, book reviews and more. Today in my blog, I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful people on the Hello Beautiful Ladies Team who made this website and my dream a reality. Without them this wonderful website focused on helping women achieve their potential would not have been possible. My thanks to: Chris Forbes, Cat Palmer, Victoria Wynn, Michelle Moore, Brady Bean,...
How do you measure success? We all want success. What does success mean to you? How you define the word “success” determines how satisfied you are with your life. If success is a moving target, with the finish line always just beyond your reach, it will impact everything from motivation to perseverance. If it is measured simply by a specific financial goal or job title or what care you drive or how big your house is, well then, I think you’ll find the rewards rather empty when you attain those goals. You will always be dissatisfied and wanting more. The rewards will be hollow.  I...
Guest Blogger - Steve Sykula, Ph.D. You can also find Dr. Sykula under Andrea's Rockstar Referrals - Under Psychology BURNOUT: IF WE KNOW SO MUCH, WHY DO WE STILL BURNOUT! Are you overwhelmed at times? Under appreciated and overworked? Have you become cynical and hopeless and drained of energy? Chances are, you are suffering from Burnout. The term “Burnout” was first used in the 1970s by psychologist Herbert Freudenberger. Dr. Freudenberger studied overworked healthcare professionals who were “burning out”. He found that these health care workers were working too long, not taking time off and were suffering as a result. This caused an array of...


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