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I recently had a blogger ASK ANDREA about the benefits of Yoga. Pam Burggraf  – Yoga Instructor and Guest Blogger answers the question WHY Yoga? The mental and Health Aspects of doing Yoga.   Watch for flyers and discount coupons in the VIP Gift Bag at the Launch Party on November 1st.  Pam has also donated 10 Yoga sessions for the Silent Auction.

Yoga is a mind-body exercise effective for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression and improving brain function and mental health.Yoga is the practice of poses and breathing techniques designed to strengthen and balance the body and the mind. Even though yoga is not aerobic,  research finds it can be just as good as aerobic exercise for improving health and strength. It takes a lot of strength to hold your body in a balanced pose.

Regular practice will strengthen the muscles of your arms, back, legs. Core yoga will give you the very best body you could possibly have for your body type if you practice regularly. The practice of physical yoga, or asana, works far more than just your muscles.It lengthens and strengthens the muscles. It is best to practice yoga two to three times a week. An hour is. best but you may have to begin with 30 minutes and work up to  1 and 1/2 hours. However, don’t let unrealistic expectations stop you from practicing however long you can.

Yoga also helps you build your sense of self. Through yoga, you get to know yourself and cultivate a more nonjudgmental relationship with yourself. You are building self-trust. You exercise more and eat healthier, because your unconscious mind tells you, “I’m worthy of this me timeAt the end of the day, everything comes down to your relationship with yourself. When you get more confident and become more rooted in your sense of self and your center, you develop a healthy, balanced ego, where you have nothing to prove and nothing to hide. 

Pam Burggraf – My Yoga Mission Statement

I am eager and passionate about sharing my yoga experience with my students.  Yoga is an ancient practice, and encompasses a huge spectrum of philosophy, breath, movement and personal responsibility, to care for oneself and others.  It is my personal goal to share yoga with students of all ages and abilities.  Whether in one of my group classes or in a customized private yoga session, I am committed to promoting my student’s personal growth, within their yoga practice.




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