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Part of creating an abundant life filled with personal success, joy, love, and freedom is knowing who we are and being able to embrace every aspect of our full being.  When I say full being,  I mean all of what makes us the unique, quirky, happy, sad, wonderful, crazy, horrible and delightful creatures that we are.  This is not an easy accomplishment, nor one that happens overnight.  This requires we wake up and begin acknowledging the details of what makes up our whole being, that we begin to uncover our blind spots.  

These details are most often kept tucked away in the dark recesses of our consciousness and more likely our unconscious.  For many of us, conscious or unconscious, on some level, we believe we are protecting ourselves from suffering, when in reality, we are blocking our own healing and success.  The ego is most at risk and fear and grief are often what is avoided and are often the leading culprits that sabotage our process.  

The tools we use to protect ourselves from this level of “knowing thy self” is different for each of us.  The most common are; excessive use of alcohol, food, drugs, becoming a workaholic, spending more hours at the gym than is needed for general health, shopping or spending money we don’t have or simply accumulating things we don’t need and never use. 

Most of us avoid this critical step because it requires a high level of personal responsibility as well as accountability for one’s thoughts, words, actions and created results. It takes a willingness to be fully present and embracing the complexity of life in the human form we currently occupy. It takes you wanting to have more than you currently have mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually enough that you face yourself straight on at every turn.  Becoming the conscious observer is a journey that lasts our lifetime.  One that I have found becomes easier as we acclimate and as we become accustomed to observing ourselves intimately, being honest with ourselves about ourselves. For me, the scale has shifted and the times I get it after the fact have become fewer and further between.

I remember when I first became aware of the fact that I was pretending not to know, what I didn’t know.  And honestly, it was a smack in the face.  To be blunt, I was shocked at how many lies and stories I had been telling myself about my life in order to justify being exactly where I  was… which wasn’t at all where I told myself or others that I wanted to be!  Another lie!!   The one thing I learned very quickly was that results don’t lie.  If you don’t have what you say that you want in your life (assuming they are reasonable expectations) and you are not actively taking steps to make that happen, somewhere along the line there is something you are refusing to see and acknowledge about yourself.  

Once you are in the conscious observer position you become your own “life Coach”, judge and jury, able to create your own personal life blueprint leading you towards your desired goals and your authentic self.   Stay tuned in for some thoughts on the role of ego, fear and the vast layers of grief.  

Namaste – Jan Mabey




  • lynda brown says:

    This is such great advice. Always speak to yourself in the positive and be honest with yourself. I enjoyed reading this

    1. Janette Mabey says:

      Yes, so true. Thank you! I have to admit that sometimes my feedback to myself can feel harsh… but honesty some times does!

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