Do You Suffer From Mommy Guilt


Tips for finding the balance between working and parenting

Stick to a schedule. Be clear about events on your calendar that cannot be missed. Share these events with work, spouse and children to ensure are you all on the same page. Make school events and your children’s extracurricular a priority. Carve out bonding time. Find time every week to do something special with your children, whether one-on-one or with all of them together.


Participate in carpools which allow you to interact with your children and their friends, plan library or playground visits that allow you to enjoy a fun time together.

Nurture as needed. If you find your children getting extra clingy take a few minutes to interact with them and to remind them that you love them and you will see them at home after work. Encourage them to participate in the classroom and make new friends. 


Find ways to integrate work and life. Be present, emotionally and physically. Be home for dinner and bedtime every night, and don’t allow cell phones at the dinner table this is a time to inquire as to how their day went and participate in social interaction. Ask them questions and listen to what they have to say.  

Schedule individual weekly time with each child to find out what is going on in their lives, what are their worries, concerns what are they struggling with, these can be coaching moment and bring you closer together. 

Require accountability, children no matter what age need rules, guidelines, and consequences. They need to participate in family affairs and gatherings, they need chores and they need to learn how to earn money and manage finances, this is all part of teaching them responsibility and accountability. 

What have you done to help relieve the amount of mom guilt you feel as a working parent? I would LOVE to hear what works for you or what you struggle with, please share with other Beautiful Ladies, Mothers, Sisters, on this blog.

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