Exercising at Home

Hello Beautiful Ladies. ,
It can be very simple to exercise in your own home if you don’t feel like going to the gym. 
You don’t need a special exercise room with lots of equipment.  
Here is a list of ideas:
     Running or walking up and down your stairs.  Do a flight single steps fast. A flight skipping a stair, pushing off from the gluteus. 
      Body squats, raising the arms as you squat down, to keep your chest up and shoulders back.
     Push-ups, side push-ups, dips off the floor or a chair. 
     Forward planks on your arms. Side planks. Add a push up off your forearm lowering your chest ( this works the back). Add leg lifts in forward and side plank position. 
     Hip bridges. Lay down face up, knees bent, squeeze hips off the floor, pushing off heels.  Add a single leg hip bridge ( push one straight leg up) 
Take a couple of cans out of your pantry and use them to perform arm lifts, raising your arms above your head and then bringing your hands together in front of your chest and then extending them outward and bringing them in towards your chest again.
Exercise options can be endless once you get going!  
Put on some good music and have fun with it. 
Sheila Benson – Check out Sheila under the Rockstar Referrals and watch her fitness video.

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