Get Out of Busyville and Start Being Productive and Successful

Beautiful Ladies, are you stuck in Busyville, so busy running around doing this and that like a chicken with your head cut off that you don’t have time to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the moment, enjoy life? It’s time to get out of Busyville and start being productive. Just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean your productive. Our world is very noisy. Full of distractions and chasing the next shiny object. Our ability to focus and concentrate is key to being productive.

Allotting a certain amount of time to each task and sticking to it will help you not waste time or get distracted. Distractions keep us busy but not productive. Time blocking and creating a schedule you stick to will enable you to be more productive and focus on the immediate and important tasks at hand. Busy people work hard. Productive people work smart and delegate. Productive people are efficient and effective. Productive people focus on the big picture, busy people get caught up in the details. The key difference between busy and productive is that busy is easy to fall into and productivity is hard work and takes planning and organization.


Productivity requires clarity, focus, and strategic thinking. It is part of a larger plan.   One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to be selfish and learn to say NO. Just because someone asks you do to something doesn’t mean you are obligated to do so. Tell them you will take some time to review your schedule and get back with them.  Which eliminates the pressure of giving an answer right away? That way you can decide if you truly want to donate your time. When you say yes to things that are not purposeful for you, you are essentially saying no to your real priorities. 

What is it about saying no that makes some of us so anxious? Many people overload their schedules simply because they are too concerned with what others think. Saying no is simple, really: “No, that really doesn’t work with my schedule right now.” “No, my time with family is so precious, I really can’t afford to add another responsibility right now.” “No, I have too much else on my plate to give that the attention it deserves.” Busyness is often based on fear, and fear of what others might think tops the list.


Taming your hectic schedule is often as easy as learning to say no more often. If your life sometimes feels overloaded, I challenge you to get honest with yourself when you feel anxious about a choice you need to make. Consider a decision, a choice, or situation in which you feel anxious about saying no even though saying yes will result in filling your schedule with an activity that really isn’t a priority for you right now. Coach yourself with these questions:



What do you really want to say in this situation?

One of the most disarming ways to say no is to tell the person how anxious you feel about saying it. It goes something like this: “I have been really wrestling with telling you this because I’d really like to help, but I just can’t. I’m not sure if you’ll even understand, but I really hope you will. With all that’s on my plate right now, I really can’t add anything else.”

What are you worried will happen if you say no?

At the moment it bombards you, confront your negative thinking. Your imagination can get the best of you when fear is involved. You might tell yourself, “She’ll never talk to me again,” when the reality is that she’ll get over it by tomorrow. And even if she doesn’t, you really need to question the health of any relationship in which you cannot be honest without dire consequences. 

If you say yes, what priorities or goals will get less of your time?

Be realistic. You can’t do everything, and adding another ball to the many you’re already juggling means one will have to fall. Are you willing to sacrifice time with your family to take on that new project? Are you willing to do a less-than-stellar job on that project at work in order to chair an event?



What lesson is this situation offering you right now? Will you embrace the lesson?

When you learn to speak the truth without beating around the bush, you free yourself to focus on your priorities. Be simple, direct, and honest. Courage is a muscle, and no is a word that will help you strengthen it.

My Challenge to You:

Start saying NO. I give you Permission to say NO.


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