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Today in my blog, I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful people on the Hello Beautiful Ladies Team who made this website and my dream a reality. Without them this wonderful website focused on helping women achieve their potential would not have been possible. My thanks to: Chris Forbes, Cat Palmer, Victoria Wynn, Michelle Moore, Brady Bean, Matt Manhart, and Joel Otterstrom. These individuals along with their areas of expertise can be found under the Andrea’s Picks on the website if you would like to utilize their services.

What is gratitude?

When I was, young I was fortunate enough to have my parents take me on a trip around the world. We visited some extremely impoverished areas.  This was one of the most valuable lessons I learned in my life… That I am blessed, I have a wonderful life and I am fortunate to be an American Citizen, where I am free, I have a roof over my head, a job and food to eat.  All the essentials in life.

I found that as I traveled, I was freely giving away all the money I had saved up to spend on trinkets, to the poor and the beggars. I distinctly remember being in India, visiting the Taj Mahal. There was flooding that year so the river was high. I noticed a long procession of people heading towards the river to dump the body of a young child, wrapped in a straw mat, who had died of starvation. This greatly moved me along with the mother in the bathrooms with a child in her arms begging for money, of which I freely gave.

And the children in Thailand, who would hop up onto our small boat to beg for money, as I floated down the Bangkok river I saw one family washing their laundry, other bathing and still yet others toileting.  Talk about humbling and life changing.  It was then I knew how fortunate and blessed I was and thus the topic of gratitude for my blog.

I’ve had a very successful career. However, I’ve always wanted to do something to give back and help others. With the launch of this website, my dream has come true. I don’t want to die without leaving an imprint for good on this world. I want to be remembered for my deeds not what I have.


  • Cheryl says:

    I just watch your little talk on Facebook and it really caught my eye. I have pretty much been out of the world for about 7-8 years now actually a little longer 2007 I have a stroke that kind of affected my right side I’ve been have knee replacement that have to be redone 4 times total I fell and broke my femur in 3 places and I spent a good deal of time in an assisted living facility by myself. People love you but they live their life and they don’t like that kind of environment they feel helpless and don’t know what to do for you so they ignore you. As a result I ignore myself haven’t been taking care of myself I don’t eat correctly I just put on an antidepressant to put weight on me and I was already large for a while I didn’t care what Iate that I have corrected. There are just so many different things that I need to work on and I would love to see what your all about. So I hope to hear back from you or somebody and I look forward to it. You look beautiful by the way

    1. Andrea S says:

      Wow, thanks for your feedback and comments. I would love to chat with you and get to know your better. Thanks for your input.

    2. Andrea S says:

      Have you signed up for the monthly newsletter. I really think you will like that as well. Please message me with your address and t shirt size and I will send you one!!

      1. Dana Briggs says:

        Andrea, you are remarkable. Your efforts and creativity will make a difference in the lives of many women. I’m grateful to call you my friend.

    3. Andrea S says:

      Thank you so much for your feedback and I wish you best of luck in your endeavors. If you log onto the website there are many Ebooks and Videos available to you for free., share the movement with your friends.

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