Happy Thanksgiving – The Gift of Gratitude

Today on this day of Thanksgiving, I would like to share my thanks and gratitude for the many wonderful individuals who helped make Hello Beautiful Ladies a reality.  A big thanks to my guest bloggers who share their expertise to expand our horizons and thanks to all those who posed for the Beautiful Photos on my site.

On this day of Thanksgiving, I challenge all of you to fill a page full of the things and people whom you are grateful for in your life. The secret to Gratitude is to practice every day looking for things to be grateful for especially when you have days that kind of suck and you may feel down because that is the best time to reflect on the things you have to be grateful for. 



When you take time to pause and reflect on your life and the many things you have to be grateful for it gives you a chance to realign and move forward with a more positive attitude.  Stop beating yourself up for those life moments in the past when you made a mistake and stop worrying about tomorrow because you will only miss out on today.  Simply be in the now in the moment. Maybe you are grateful that you learned to say no because you don’t have time to do everything or maybe you’re grateful because you made a decision and stood your ground and although it may not have felt great at the time later you realized your power and how good that felt.





Maybe you’re grateful like I am for the pit in your stomach when you took that leap of faith and realized you are onto bigger and better things in your life. I’m sharing this with you today because I want to give all of you ladies who are beautiful the inside and out the gift of shifting your awareness to gratitude and to let you know how easily you can shape the course of your future and your reality by simply choosing where you allow your focus to be.There is always a silver lining to adversity and the individuals who live the most fulfilling lives and have the most successful businesses are always looking for it.  

I’m sharing this with you today because I am grateful for all the individuals who made my dream of Hello Beautiful Ladies a reality. The folks who saw my vision and made my dream come true. 

So… Beautiful Ladies- with your continued help and support we will continue to grow and learn and share and change. Thank you to my followers and supporters.  Please look forward to our Focus Group on January 14th where I will be asking you to participate and provide feedback and input on how we can make the website and the information relevant to you.  My goal is to provide you with the content you need to grow, learn, challenge yourself, and be successful.  I want all of you Beautiful Ladies to find your, Power in Pursuing your Passion and Purpose in life as I have with this website.  Go Women Power.



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