Message from Andrea Swensen – CEO & Founder of and the ASK ANDREA blog

During this Holiday Season, let us all be mindful of the Spirit of the Season. Mindful of our blessings and show love and charity to all especially those less fortunate. May I challenge you to take out a piece of paper and fill it full of all the blessing you have in your life.  Post this on your mirror so that you see it each morning so you may have gratitude in your heart each day for all that is good and great in your life. Give yourself a gift and challenge this year to STOP focusing on what may not be perfect in your life or what it is that you may desire to have different in your life, stop ruminating on mistakes of the past. When you start focusing on what is good and great you will finder greater happiness in joy each day.  


Instead of focusing on the gifts we might receive, why not focus on what we can give to others, how we can help, not only during December but all year long.  Holidays are about sharing time with family and friends. When we journey on from this life, all we get to take with us are the memories of the love we shared, the people we helped, the life we lived, the good we did and the wonderful times we shared with loved ones. If we keep this in mind we will stress less during the holidays because we won’t be so busy trying to please everyone and we won’t be running around trying to find the right gift. The right gift is the gift of love and time now and always.  Loving, caring, sharing is the key to happiness and success. May you all have a Blessed and Bounteous Holiday Season.



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