Hormone Therapy – Nurse Practitioner

Hi, I’m Miquelle Smith. MSN, APRN.

I am a mother, a wife, a Sheepdog lover, an amateur scuba diver, and a Nurse Practitioner.
I believe in helping people have lives of health, happiness, and vitality. Changes in health can take time and for some a bit of problem solving. One of the biggest reasons I became a Nurse Practitioner was to make a positive difference in my patients’ lives. In a world of “quick-fixes,” I believe it is important to evaluate all options and what will work best for everyone. My practice is not about judgment, but about finding the right steps and resources to achieving a desired point of health.

Location: 9600 S 1300 E #301, Sandy, UT 84094

Phone: (801) 619-0999

Hormones- Okay, Ladies – I’m tired all the time. It’s got to be my age and hormones.  I just read the book by Suzanne Somers about biodentical hormones and loved it.  I finally went to see an amazing Nurse Practitioner who was recommended to me by several friends. Her name is Miquelle Smith at Alta View hospital. She specializes in hormone therapy. She checked my thyroid, ran blood tests and came up with a great solution for me. She put this hormone pellet in my rear-end. It delivers hormone therapy for about 3 months. I’m hoping this will help with the dry skin, vaginal dryness, and constant fatigue. It’s so crazy, I’m so active, I work out with a personal trainer 4-5 days a week, I cycle, run, golf hike and you name it. I eat healthy, take vitamin supplements and Iron, so all I can figure out at this point is that it’s got to be age and a hormone deficiency.  So after about a month of this therapy I’m feeling more like myself again and so happy to be feeling good with lots of energy. I highly recommend using Miquelle Smith’s services.


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