How I Found my Girl Squad on Bumble


How I found a #Squad on Bumble

As females it is important for us to form bonds with other women. These relationships are as important as our romantic relationships we will have in our lives. Some deeper friendships last longer than most romantic relationships and help mold us into the women we are today. As a single 25 year old woman I have had plenty of close deep meaningful friendships in my life. I have always been someone who stays in contact with past close friends who may have moved or gotten married. Life changes, people change and relationships shift. The beauty of real genuine friendships is no matter what has changed or how much time has past you can always pick up where you left off.

My best friend Jacki and I met four years ago while working together at Aldo. Funny story is that I didn’t like her at all when we first met. I thought she was coming in and taking over my territory with her cute nugget body, blonde hair and bright blue eyes. It didn’t take me long but I soon got over my pride and realized that having her at work was the greatest blessing of all time. She’s nurturing and sassy like me but balances out my wild child side. She’s your ideal friend that when she got a boyfriend she didn’t disappear. There was still room for our friendship in her life. The only problem was we couldn’t seem to find any other woman that felt the same way. We had eachother but we lacked a group of girlfriends and we were desperately in need of that.

One day Jacki came up with a plan, a genius plan that would forever alter our lives forever. Bumble, the dating app had just come out with this great feature of BumbleBFF. Which allowed people to use the app that we’re looking for just friends. Jacki made a profile that showcased of our fabulous friendship and within a week we had found a group of girls that agreed to meet us for a girl’s night dinner.

The night of the date came after trying on several outfits we headed to our agreed meeting spots. A cute french bistro in Downtown Salt Lake. We arrived early and had a few glasses of wines before they arrived easing both of our nerves. Slowly one by one they arrived and it ended being a really fun evening. We all weirdly got along. The others had just moved to Utah and were looking for friends. It seemed like fate.

By the end of July we formed a group of 7 girls several of which we found on Bumble BFF. We started doing everything together dinners, brunch and of course bachelor nights. We jokingly called ourselves the squad I think because none of us had ever been friends with that many girls before. A year later we are still  a very close group. As a squad we’ve been through alot and shared a lot memoires. We’ve cried over boys and shared late nights taking care of the one girl who drank too much. We’ve taken care of another and been there for not only the fun memories but the hard memories as well.

When I look back at this past year I am happy. Regardless of how crappy things have gotten for me knowing that I have a band of girls that have my back makes it all better. We’ve since added guys and more girls into our group. We’ve become weird band of misfits that somehow fit together.

I never knew that swiping right would change my life this much until I met a group of people who showed me what real friendship is like. As I finish writing this post I can’t help but feel grateful for all these people. Having this newfound support system has helped me find what is truly important. I had a huge self realization around christmas that finding this group allowed me to become more comfortable in who I am as a person. It has evolved my dating relationship as well. I realized that before I was a serial dater because I was bored. Now, my weeks are filled with activities with and without the squad because I have found this new purpose of self love.  Who you choose to surround yourself with can shape you into a person you didn’t know existed it’s how you choose to mold yourself is what makes the difference. I saw what all these amazing women were doing in their own lives and embody the same traits. I started taking better care of myself, exercising more. I started saying no to dates that I didn’t want go on. I signed up for new hobbies and throughout this whole process found myself filled with plans. Between work, school, gym and the squad I was booked. But to be honest, I don’t know where I would be without the squad. Each individual I maintain a close friendship with but as a whole they changed my life. So happy squadiverary to my band of wild childs, misfits, lovers, sassiest group of people I know. I can’t wait to have many more with you all. XX, M.

Don’t forget to check out this video of all our great adventures and funny moments from this past year. Be sure to folllow me on snap for more adventures @morganloves

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