How to Provide Superior Customer Service

Hello Beautiful Ladies – Learn the art of customer service from our CEO and Founder  Andrea Swensen. This Free workbook and accompanying video will take you through the finer points of dealing with customers, both the ones you love and the ones that are more challenging. With decades in sales, and upper management, Andrea is the perfect mentor for women seeking to learn from real world experience and  develop their customer service skills!

Almost everyone must interact with a customer service representative on the phone. Does your business offer an ongoing pleasant service experience? Does your business consistently respond to questions, concerns and issues in a timely and helpful manner? Do your representatives have a pleasant demeanor and make it so that communication is not a hassle.

Your number one goal is to:

  1. Represent the company as a world-class service organization
  2. Conduct ourselves in a manner that will make the company help look professional

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