International Womens Economic Forum

Hello Beautiful Ladies, I’m so excited to announce that I will be speaking at the upcoming International Women’s Economic Forum  (WEF) in India  April 25th -April 30th. What is this forum about?  It’s a unique vision to connect women across the globe to strengthen and inspire every woman to become a businesswoman.  To help them achieve even more success in their life and career.   The Ladies League incorporates an ALL-encompassing vision to seamlessly connect women from all strata of society, from all spheres of work including industry. Our ALL-inclusive way of working is a decentralized, distributed leadership model wherein every member is  fully empowered to create and deliver results and success.

In this way, we ensure maximum leadership, maximum networks,  and maximum creativity. Our overarching objective is to exponentially enhance women’s leadership so that women can become active change agents in ALL spheres of self and society. ALL Ladies League (ALL) is the world’s largest All-inclusive international women’s chamber and a global movement for the Welfare, Wealth, and Wellbeing of ALL by empowering women’s leadership. 

Please stay tuned as I share with you real-time videos at the conference with inspiring women from around the globe. 



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