Intuition & The Four Bodies of Being

Intuition and the Four Bodies of Being

Intuition goes by many names; six sense, woman’s intuition (although men have it too), gut instinct, hunch, inkling, premonition, ESP, clairvoyance, a feeling, inspiration, wisdom of the heart (my personal favorite), just to name a few. Whichever word you choose, they all refer to the ability to have knowledge about a person, place, thing or life experience through non-rational means, conscious reasoning or proof.

There are many philosophies about where intuition comes from. Personally, I believe that it is our connection to our higher consciousness and the universal oneness. I also believe that we are all intuitive by nature and able to gain answers to our problems or concerns. It is always there wether we acknowledge it or not. Our ability to intuit is directly linked to the level of balance our four bodies of being have reached.

Mental Body: If your inner critic is having a party right now thank it for sharing and ask it to settle down. Getting control of the mental gymnastics and any negative self talk and personal judgment is a great place to begin strengthening your abilities. Having a calm mind that is open to the possibility of guidance from your intuitive self will take you far.

Physical Body: The same goes with your Physical body, the more calm and relaxed you can be physically when you are asking your question, as well as, receiving your answer the more present and connected you will be to your higher self. It has been my experience that Introverts are often more naturally intuitive. This is mainly because they spend more time in solitude, alone in their thoughts, becoming aware of their body, and the signal it provides them. So when working with your intuition choose a time when interruptions will be minimal, and in a place where you are most comfortable.

Emotional Body: We all experience life based on our unique personality and life experiences. Our family, social influence, as well as “religious” and “spiritual” teachings have an impact on the emotional body. In some families and cultures individuals are not encouraged to listen to or follow their intuition. This often leads people away from identifying with their inner wisdom. This lack of connectedness to ones self puts you at a disadvantage. If this is true for you, it will be important that you take a deeper look at these and eliminate any fear, shame or quilt you might have.

Spiritual Body: Owning and embracing your spiritual nature will help you work through blocks in the other three bodies. When you trust your spiritual nature enough that you can look to it for understanding you become more confidant of your intuitive abilities. It is critical that you learn to listen and not ignore what is happening within you.

Most important of all is that you have fun with this! Don’t get caught up in mechanics or the flow of information can become stifled. Take time to practice asking your question by simply throwing something out into the ether. Listen, as well as, watch for answers. You might receive messages from a voice within, possibly a theme will keep showing up through your conversations with others or over the radio or TV. Pay attention to your dreams, note things that seem related, coincidental or synchronistic.

You don’t have to stop using logic. It is ok to utilize all that is available to support you on your life path. Use your brain. Research and analyze the heck out of your thoughts, and then find that place inside of you, and allow your higher self the opportunity to cast its vote.

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