Let This Be the Year That Changes Everything

Money problems (at their root) are always mindset problems. The greatest financial obstacle we face is our lack of awareness of the mind/body/spirit connection to our bank accounts, something almost none of us has ever really been taught. Instead, we absorbed lack consciousness and upper limiting beliefs, unknowingly holding them as truths, even though they are a form of unconscious self-sabotage. We tighten ourselves up emotionally and physically… and this drastically constricts the possibility that the money we so eagerly want and need can flow to us.

Once you begin to shift your mindset, however, your entire experience with money begins to change. Rather than holding in energy and clinging to old, wealth-constricting patterns, you begin to experience flow through your breath, body, and bank account as something fluid and organic, letting go of old misperceptions around limitation and lack. You start to feel freer in every way, and as physical and emotional barriers dissolve, suddenly new avenues of income start to appear. Sometimes these seem like miracles, but really this is all just part of the natural process of you reconnecting with the universal state of flow.

Let This Be the Year that Changes Everything!

Imagine having a lot more money than you do right now… and what that would transform in your own life and those closest to you. Imagine you could receive greater income not by working harder, or through some marketing or networking secrets, but rather through removing your own internal blocks towards abundance. Imagine you could directly reconnect to your sense of purpose, experiencing a re-awakening of your spirit, and begin receiving more income simply by living your most empowered life. The truth is, all of these are not fantasies for you to imagine but realities that are available through the philosophy and practices of this course!


A Year of Wealth Wisdom

Every day you’ll receive an email–most of them short and sweet–with a quote or a thought to ponder or perhaps a simple task to do. After every week, you’ll gently “check-in” to notice and expand on how the themes you’re exploring are expanding your wealth consciousness. And every month you’ll receive a new audio meditation about 10 minutes long that you can listen to as often as you like to absorb and reinforce the key concepts of the course on all levels.




In the next 365 days you will:

  • Redefine and reinvent your “money story”
  • Uncover and transform self-imposed financial limits
  • Develop simple and easy financial habits that will create life-long, steady progress towards financial goals
  • Reconnect with your purpose
  • Learn to forgive and heal the past… the essential first step in transforming your finances (or anything)
  • Expand your capacity to receive (and give)
  • Create an auspicious mindset where expansion is the norm (versus lack & limitation)
  • Become unstoppable
  • Download the FREE book and videos on Investing from the HelloBeautifulLadies.com website




The 365 daily lessons are organized by such core concepts as:

  • Self Acceptance
  • Focus
  • Transformation
  • Challenge
  • Gratitude
  • Surrender
  • Giving Back 
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Give Yourself the Gift of True Wealth!

Remember: the wisest investment you can ever make is in yourself! No matter what day of the year it is now is absolutely the best possible time to begin your journey towards wealth. This course is a guided journey guaranteed to clarify, nourish, and dramatically expand your wealth consciousness! Isn’t that a reality that genuinely inspires you?

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