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Someone recently  ASKED ANDREA – What do you do when someone disparages or impunes your character, attacks you, undermines you,  is mean and malicious and spreads lies and rumors about you?  Good question. First, let me recommend a book to you called “What You think of Me is None of My Business” By Terry-Cole Whittaker.  When people judge or criticize others, they are usually coming from a place of insecurity, jealousy, self-hate and self-loathing.  I recommend that you first, ask yourself “is this a credible source? Is there any truth to the statements?  Take some time to contemplate the information, process it and determine how you choose to respond. Never be combative or stoop to their level.   Someone once told me ” whoever is trying to bring you down- is already below you”.  So you must be the bigger person and come from a place of love and understanding. Afterall, this isn’t about you, It’s about them.


Unfortunately, still,  in this day and age when the women’s movement is strong and we should be doing our best to support and help each other reach success, women are often our worst enemies.  Instead of lifting each other up, supporting each other and empowering each other, sadly enough there are still women out there who want to tear each other down when we really should be promoting each other’s successes and buoying each other up.  I’ve had this happen to me numerous times throughout my life in both my personal and professional life.  Success requires commitment, dedication, sacrifice, and hard work. Only the strong will succeed.  You will find in your life that as you progress and continue to grow, you may have to decide whom you will have in your circle of friends, only those who are positive and supportive. 


The funny thing is, we are all so worried about what others think about us that we don’t stop and realize that in reality, they are really only worried about what we think about them. Who gives a shit what others think of you? As long as you are honest and treat others with respect, how you would want to be treated and work with the utmost integrity, then why do you care what others think of you.  When people disparage you it only makes them look bad. And then you think to yourself, geez what are they saying about me behind my back. Maybe I shouldn’t be associating with this individual.

My philosophy is this:  If you want to be around me and in my life and accept and love me for who and what I am great  – and if you don’t, that is okay too, I don’t need to be surrounded by judgemental or critical people life is too short.  We never know what someone is dealing with in their lives. So smile at everyone you meet even if they are a stranger, give them a compliment it may just make their day and it will make you feel good too.

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Andrea Swensen. CEO & Founder of Hello Beautiful Ladies.com



  • T. Taylor says:

    The first time we met for lunch, I was so nervous. You were so Kind, Compassionate, Patient, & Your Love For Life was an Inspiration to Me. You incouraged me to not worry so much about “WHAT OTHERS THOUGHT”. I just needed to get out of my home more & enjoy life. That day our lunch turned into a 5hr adventure of lunch, shopping, then drinks. It was the most fun I had in many years.. Since then, You’ve always incouraged me to “Be Myself & Continue to Thrive No Matter How Difficult”. Your an Amazing Example For Many! Loved your post!

  • Joel O says:

    Keep up the amazing work you are doing! Keep going!!!!

  • Samantha Jensen says:

    Thank you for reminding me that we can’t control what others think! All we need to do is be honest and show respect for others and stop worrying about the rest. I needed this message today!

    1. Annemarie Edwards says:

      We all have a set allotted time on this earth. I firmly believe that if everyone knew exactly how much time they had left to live, their treatment of others and there use of their time would be so much more valuable and precious!

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