Money & Power VS Love

Money/Power vs. Love

I am always a little curious when I see an older man with a notably younger women or notably older woman with a very young, handsome male; as I quietly observe, it appears to me that it is always the older of the two that appears to have the wealth and/or power.  Because you have wealth, does it give you the power, even in the relationship?   I find my thoughts asking whether there is real love that brought them together or real love of youth; of material wealth and/or power?

Many women are looking for “security” and that comes in many forms:   financial security, emotional security, affectionate security, and security in communication.   I have watched close friends make a choice for money and/or power and always wonder how long they will hold value to the money and/or power and I wonder are they truly happy.  Maybe money does buy happiness; maybe it does not!

Which leads to a question for my women readers:  Have you set aside your dream for true love, for money and/or power?  Note:  We are not saying that you didn’t later fall in love… but in the beginning, and please, let’s be straight up here…did you?  And if you did, what was the conversation that you had with yourself that lead to the choice you made?

Maybe you know someone personally that is with a much older or younger partner, a friend, family member, a mother, a father?  Maybe you have no personal experience, but have observed this and had your own thoughts about it. Maybe you truly can have it all, money, power and love, if you want it, that is.

TALK TO TERRY… share your story, let’s get some conversations started. Remember Hello Beautiful Ladies is a safe haven where we can share without judgement. Everyone’s thoughts and opinions matter.

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