Perfection – Get Over It

You Don’t Need to Be Superwoman

 Perfection – Get Over it

Why is it we feel the need to be superwoman, be all things to everyone. Perhaps it’s our culture, it’s the way we were raised, the religious beliefs, the societal norms that now must be broken and changed in this new ERA of the Empowered Woman. There is no need to prove ourselves to others in order to be of value and worth. There is no need to work ourselves to death, slaving away constantly to please others, so that we can feel loved and worthwhile.  Let’s start pleasing ourselves, it’s okay to be selfish sometimes. If your bucket is always empty you will have nothing to give others. Fill your bucket first.  Just like on the airlines, when they tell you to place the mask on yourself first and then place the mask on others.


If you are killing yourself trying to be supermom, super wife and superwoman, I give you permission to change right here right now.  We don’t need to impress others and if we feel the need to impress or be in competition then we need to cut those people out of our lives.  Your value and worth aren’t wrapped up in what others think of you. If you feel people are judging you and you aren’t measuring up, get a new group of friends, it’s time to move on. The only person you need to impress is yourself, love yourself for who you are. 


Women have taken on an extra burden. We now have four full time jobs: we work full time and come home to be CEO of our household, we raise our children, manage the finances, keep the house, help with homework, shuttle our children around so they can become the next superstars, and we can brag that our child is the best.  It never ends.


I say to all of you beautiful women on the inside and out, you don’t need to be superwoman today or any day. There is no one you need to impress. There is no man you need to serve, no life you need to lead but the life you want.  You can choose to serve your family because you love them and want to be of service. There is no obligation, to be perfect or superwoman. You don’t have to do it all.


Who says you have to be perfect? Your religion, your friends, your family, your employer? Stop Whoa Hang on, wait a minute, exactly who are you trying to impress.  No one has to be perfect and no one is. The one thing I know for sure is that everyone has something they are dealing with in their lives and while another individual’s life may seem all rosy and perfect on the outside it ain’t so hunky dory on the inside.  I give you permission to cut yourself some slack, ease up, take a chill pill and relax. You will live longer, be happier and more satisfied.  

Stop trying to be perfect and you will find more joy and satisfaction in your life.


Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses because, in reality, they’re just trying to keep up with you and everyone else.  If you adopt the attitude – what you think of me is none of my business then you will begin to surround yourself with people who are focused on what is really important in life; the people you love, and the memories you make. Ask yourself, why do you feel the need to impress others or be perfect? Is it because you are feeling some inadequacy about yourself, or is it because in your childhood you were made to feel or believe you were not good enough? I’m telling you now, is the time to let that go. Move on. You are NOT your past.You are whomever you choose to be. The wonderful, magnificent one and only unique you.


The falsehood about Facebook is that it makes everyone look like they have a perfect life because of course, no one wants to take off the mask and open their kimono to expose our true self. We live in fear that we may be judged or that others may not like or accept us.  Adopt this attitude if you like me and can accept me for all my flaws then great, be a part of my life, my tribe and we will enjoy times together, be successful and experience the joy of simply sharing time, our souls, our hearts and caring about each other.  In the end we can’t take our stuff with us, all we can take is the love we shared, the memories we created and the legacy we left


All we have to do is to be able to live with ourselves, be true to ourselves, be true to our creator. Live the Golden Rule – Treat others how we want to be treated.  If. you are working so hard to impress others, I challenge you this very day to STOP and take a look at what you are doing to yourself, your family. If you have to try to impress others, they really aren’t worthy of your friendship anyway.   If there is someone who thinks they are better than you for whatever reason, run and run fast, you don’t want their approval.   You don’t need your friends, or family or associates or anyone’s approval. All you need to do is to be able to live with yourself and have a clear conscience about how you’ve treated others and that you have done your very best.


Oscar Wilde said “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”

Dr. Seuss said “Why Fit in When you were born to Stand out”

Eleanor Roosevelt said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”


Be you, be uniquely you, you have gifts and talents to share with the world. It’s your time to shine.




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