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Welcome to The Ask Andrea Stop Abuse Campaign and the Hello Beautiful Ladies website. Hello Beautiful Ladies is geared toward the empowerment of women, we are beautiful inside and out. We are all about enabling women to realize their self-worth and understanding they can be independent. Also that they are deserving of love and happiness. Please contribute and help us in our worldwide campaign to prevent abuse. We must teach women at an early age and in our school’s systems that they are valued, loved, important and deserving and that no one deserves to be verbally or physically abused.

Education must start early. It must start in the schools and in the home and with all of us. And we must start this education program now. You can help by contributing to the Ask Andrea Stop Abuse Campaign.  Thank you for your generous donation.  A receipt for your donation will be emailed to you after checking out.

To donate, add a donation amount to cart and checkout normally. Donations are tax exempt.

• Hello Beautiful Ladies is about empowering women, helping them reinvent themselves and their lives. “The Break Over” is all about breaking up with your past and starting anew, whether it’s a relationship, a bad habit, career changes or any kind of life change. Hello Beautiful Ladies is here to help. A Safe Haven.

• Hello Beautiful Ladies, has a charitable division called (womanpower) The Ask Andrea Stop Abuse Campaign.

Our mission – Education, Empower, Support, Save, Survive

Here is a small list of the services the Charitable Division of HBL provides at no charge to women and children in need. Your generous support and donations will help with the following:

• One on One – Personal, Life, Addiction, Marriage, Success, Business, and Career Coaching
• Assistance with Resume Writing, Career Counseling, and Job Search Coaching
• A safe haven for women and their children to stay who need to get away from an abusive situation.
• Image & Influence Coaching, Dress for Success Coaching, Clothing for the Job interview and the new career.
• Money Management skills and advice for financial freedom and stability
• Provides a packet on how to prepare for divorce and 1-hour free advice from an Attorney
• Connections with resources in the community for assistance; such as counselors, law enforcement, legal counsel, food, health insurance, food stamps, etc.
• Education courses in the schools about abuse, verbal, mental and physical, how to recognize it and prevent it and if it does happen where to go, and who to tell.
• Helping women overcome guilt and shame and transforming them into empowered survivors.
• Completion and distribution of a book for women about domestic violence and abuse co-authored by a Ph.D. Psychologist.

Statistics on Domestic Abuse and Violence:
1/3 of Women murdered are a result of domestic violence – 1 in 3 women have been victims of abuse, verbal, mental, or physical. Abuse includes “Gaslighting”
50% of the women I know have been sexually assaulted, abused or violated
Domestic Violence affects us all. I’m sure you all know someone who has dealt with abuse in their lives, including children. 5 million Children witness domestic violence each year and violence begets violence, those who grow up with domestic violence are 6 times more likes to commit suicide, 50% more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, and 74% more likely to commit an act of violence against someone else.

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