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Hello Beautiful Ladies

My name is Terry Houston, and I’m so excited to be part of this wonderful movement, of empowering women so they can reach their full potential, fulfillment and find true and lasting happiness.  My blog is a little different from Ask Andrea’s.  She will guide you through the steps  to take to reach your full potential, fulfillment and true happiness.

 I’ll do that too but with a different twist. I really like to say it how it is, deliver the message upfront and provide a “reality check” so to speak.  I’m all about  full candor  so my topics may be a little unusual or out there, but I believe in saying what has to be said. I say what other people only think. I believe in full disclosure. We can’t truly get to the crux of the problem if we are real with ourselves and others. We have to be willing to admit and share the side of us that isn’t so perfect or pretty. We need  to stop pretending and just be real.  So in my blog I get real.  So come get real with me.

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