The Art of Interviewing – Master the Interview

Master the Interview – The Art of Interviewing

In order to get the interview, you must have a powerful resume. I suggest hiring a professional resume writer who can create several resumes fouling on your various skill sets, you can use and adapt for several positions Some companies allow you to have a personal photo on the resume and others do not, be sure you know what their expectations are.  Keep your resume short, a maximum of two pages.  I always like to include verbiage from the actual job description. Often times the interviewers are looking for key words to ensure you are a fit for the position prior to the interview.  Have several copies of your resume with you at the interview, you never know if additional people will participate in the interview process.  Be sure to take notes during the interview.


The dreaded interview, how to master the difficult questions and land the job.

The key is to prepare and practice answering possible questions ahead of time. Do your research about the company, know their background, their competition, the Executives, how long they’ve been in business and have some good reasons as to why you want to work there.


Always present a professional image, dress for success even if they dress down, you dress to impress. Be conservative in your dress and appearance, no facial hair on men, heavy make-up, large accessories or loud colors, cover tattoos and remove piercings. Be sure to show up at least 15 minutes early, even if you have to wait. This gives you a chance to get a drink of water and calm your nerves.


Always ask questions during the interview about the company and the person interviewing you. Why do they like working here, what do they like best about their job. How long have they been with the company? It shows you are interested, knowledgeable and prepared. Never interrupt. Give short, concise answers, don’t brag or exaggerate your skills or experience. Never ask about salary, benefits or vacation in an interview. When you are offered the job then you can negotiate those items.


  • Why are You Interested in Working for us?

To answer this question, talk about the job — not about yourself. This is an opportunity to make it clear that you’ve read the job description thought about it and have an idea what the job is about. Whenever you can complete your answer with a question that moves the interview out of Q&A mode and turns it into a conversation do it.

  • What are your Weaknesses?

Weakness should always be strengths such as:  I’m an overachiever, I work too hard, I have high expectations, I’m results driven, I strive to be the best employee, I’m dedicated and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

  • What is your greatest strength?

Share your answers using a story, example or analogy.

  • What would your Previous Boss or Co-workers say about you?

That I’m fair, honest, work with integrity, I’m a team player, a peacemaker, I get along with everyone. I work hard, I’m a quick learner, I’m helpful, productive, a mentor and I share information with others. I’m dedicated to the success of the company. I’m professional, loyal, a self-starter, self-motivated, punctual and considerate.

  • Tell me about yourself?’

The employer wants to hear that the candidate did their homework. The interviewer is also listening for a level of confidence in how well the candidate portrays herself through the information that is communicated.  Focus on your potential value to the organization. The interviewer wants to hear about your achievements broken down into two or three succinct answers.

·     How would you describe yourself in one word?

With this question, they want to know about your personality type, how confident you are in yourself perception, and whether your work style is a good fit for the job, Most employers today are seeking team players that are levelheaded under pressure, upbeat, honest, reliable, and dedicated

  • How does this position compare to others you are applying for?’

They’re basically asking: “Are you applying for other jobs?”

“The hiring manager is first trying to figure out how active you are in your job search. The interviewer wants to see how you speak about other companies or positions that hold your interest — and how honest you are. Speaking negatively about other jobs or employers is never a good idea. It is appropriate to say, “There are several organizations with whom I am interviewing, however, I’ve not yet decided the best fit for my next career move.”

·     Why do you want to leave your current job?’

Your prospective boss is looking for patterns or anything negative. The interviewer may try to determine whether you have had issues working with others leading to termination, if you get bored quickly in a job. The hiring manager is hoping you are seeking a more challenging position that is a better fit for your skill set.

·     What would you do if you won $5 million tomorrow?’

The interviewer probably wants to know whether you would still work if you did not need the money. They want to hear that you would continue working because you’re passionate about what you do — and they want to know you would make smart financial decisions.

  • Where do you see yourself in Five years?

I have leadership aspirations because I enjoy helping others grow and succeed and find problem-solving and working with other business units engaging.  If the company sees value in me down the line, I would like to work towards a leadership role within a three-year timeline. They want to know you are a go -getter with aspirations beyond your current position. Talk about personal skills development that would help further your career. This shows you are proactive in self-improvement and development, understanding that how far you go in your career is up to you. Also shows you have a genuine interest in the field you are looking for work in.

Always thank them for the opportunity to interview. Ask what the next steps are and the timelines, when you can expect to hear from them  and most importantly always send a handwritten thank you note out the same day.



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