You Are More Than Enough

You are more than enough. You are everything you need to be. You were born with everything you need to be, every skill, every talent, every idea, is already within you.  You need only ignite the flame.   For years Andrea Swensen has traveled around the world speaking to audiences from 50 to 5,000 asking the participants if they ever felt they were meant to be more than they are or achieve more than they have accomplished thus far. More than 75% of the audience raises their hands which is why I wrote “The Breakover” Turning Adversity into Success to be launched in September. In this high pressure, high stress, fast-paced world most of us set our dreams aside just to get by.  In this powerful book, you will learn the secrets to; realize and accept who you are, listen to your inner voice, create empowering behaviors, learn how to stop criticizing yourself and your behaviors, learn how to set boundaries and say NO, make conscious choices about relationships, responsibilities and learn to communicate for understanding, learn to use your mind to create the future you desire, recognize your strengths and put them into action, and much more.  This myth-shattering book is filled with practical techniques and strategies that will dramatically improve and change your life.  If you take this information to heart you will soon find yourself achieving your goals and getting the things you want in life, achieving the success you’ve dreamed of and living a life you love.


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