How to Write a Book



  • Organizing your thoughts
  • Preparing an Outline
  • Creating the Chapters
  • Determining your target audience
  • Time management skills
  • Editing
  • How to get published

This week, while working on my own book, I’ve been busy getting the story outline done. It’s one of the most important pieces since it will provide me with the framework to start writing next week.

I love thinking creatively and I love reading. When I read, I become a sponge that absorbs stories and ideas effortlessly. As an adult, the ideas still flow all around but creating and setting aside the time to devote to creative efforts is often superseded by all the other important things going on in life.

To be successful I must create and follow a blueprint for writing a book that, exposed to the right audience, will draw in the necessary amount of readers to get published.

When writing your first book, don’t expect to hit it out of the park, accept constructive criticism and ensure you have a great editor.  The goal is to challenge yourself to determine what you are capable of. You will not be perfect on this first go around.


Creating an outline is important to because you need to see the big picture before you begin writing, without writing the entire book. What is the end goal? What is the message to be delivered and shared?  You want to create an outline that covers the main events and includes the plot direction.

Thinking about the logical requirements of writing before adding the creative elements is essential.

What is your timeline? How many hours a day will you devote to this endeavor? You will need much research in a multitude of areas before you begin. This is discussed in detail in my How to write a book Ebook.

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