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Why Become a Published Author? 8 Reasons why It’s important to have a published book if you are a business owner? Having a book to share sets you apart from the competition Being an Author gives you credibility - Authors have as much credibility as physicians The book becomes your business card People take you seriously You are invited to be a speaker and get paid for sharing your knowledge and experience, which in turn gives you more exposure and brings customers to your business You are perceived as an expert in your field A book can help launch your business as an emerging Entrepreneur...
Master the Interview – The Art of Interviewing In order to get the interview, you must have a powerful resume. I suggest hiring a professional resume writer who can create several resumes fouling on your various skill sets, you can use and adapt for several positions Some companies allow you to have a personal photo on the resume and others do not, be sure you know what their expectations are.  Keep your resume short, a maximum of two pages.  I always like to include verbiage from the actual job description. Often times the interviewers are looking for key words to ensure you are a fit for...

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