Viva La Valentine – The Fall in Love – Chocolate Martini

First, wet the ring of the martini glass with water and dip it into a mixture of sugar and cocoa. This will make a tasty ring around the glass.

Then start with 2 parts Godivia Chocolate Liquor, 1 part Chocolate Vodka, 1 part Half and Half Shake in the martini mixer filled ½ full of crushed ice until frothy

Finally, add a swizzle a Chocolate Chip Pirouette cookie, in the glass and serve. can get in any grocery store (look up the brand)

Everyone loves Chocolate, and Chocolate awakens the love endorphins, who doesn’t love to have warm chocolate dripped over their tummies and licked off by a loved one. Well Viva La Valentine is another Delight that is sure to make you fall in love all over again.


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