Jan Mabey – Reiki Master & Shaman

Jan Mabey provides transformational services to individuals and groups. She holds a M.Ed. with emphasis on adult learning, an undergraduate degree in interpersonal and group communication, certified in acupressure, Upledger Cranial Sacral and Somato Energy Release, Reiki master-teacher.

An advocate for personal and professional development, Jan has over 35 years’ experience coaching individuals and groups in private and corporate settings through a variety of changes. She understands the human need for balance while living and working in a world that expects results.

Jan has received private mentoring from spiritual leaders, teachers,  Shaman and medicine men/women from some of the most powerful wisdom streams known: Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu, Peruvian Shamanism, Native American Shamanism, Sufi, Esoteric Christianity, Taoist, Celtic, tribal African, and Hawaiian Huna.

She uses her academic and spiritual education, her personal and business experiences—as well as her natural expanded intuition and love of the human spirit—when working with others who are ready to create profound change, wellness, and happiness in their lives.


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