Artisan Hummingbird

As a young girl I would often deconstruct jewelry and make it into something more personalized. That love and eye for thinking abstractly has been a constant in my growth as a person as well as an artist.

My Inspiration:

The clarity that I feel when consumed by the beauty of the outdoors is my eternal source of inspiration. From this, my palette comes to life in the form of semi precious and precious gem stones, raw gems that I have collected and drilled, feathers, river stones, leather, porcupine quills, bullet casings, repurposed metal, wood, shells and anything else that nature delivers as an inspiration.

My Motivation:

I offer quality handcrafted pieces that are simply beautiful, artfully designed, and unique. I am passionate about finding balance with each piece and witnessing the partnership of new designs. Every new creation is made with joy, and I sincerely hope that joy is felt and carried by the wearer.

With gratitude,

Marianna Wilson


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