My Life As Morgan Bio

Hi, I am Morgan. A sassy, curvy somebody with a passion for life and fashion. I’m a recent graduate from the University of Utah majoring Strategic Communications. After years of working in retail I am an expert in personal shopping. I have an eye for styling. In my spare time I work as an image consultant. Whether it’s revamping a wardrobe or writing dating profiles I’ve helped clients achieve their personal goals. It’s rewarding job to help others feel good about about themselves. It is my belief that self confidence is one of the most important qualities to have in life. At the end of day you are the only person that can save you. You must first belief in yourself.

It’s never a dull moment when I am around. Being the pink sheep of the family has it challenges but I’ve never shy’d away from the tasks life has for me.I welcome life with an open mind and a very open heart. I believe that in order to move forward you must be always be striving towards being your best self. My bucketlist of adventures is what motivated me on my own journey. The simple struggles of being young and in your 20’s has always been a fun challenge. Trying to figure what the hell you’re supposed to do with your life aka “Adulting” hasn’t always been successful but it has been a humbling experience. I’ve traveled, tried new things and ate a lot of good/bad food. I’ve gained weight and lost weight. I have fallen in love more than I’d care to admit. I have felt the pressure of the world coming down on me. Nothing has gone as planned for me but I have never backed down. I AM NOT A QUITTER.

After years of contemplating if I should start a blog or not it’s finally happening. It has always been a dream of mine to blog and share my deepest thoughts. I enjoy writing. It has gotten me through some hard times in my life. I hope my blog will inspire others to chase after their dreams. As we embark on this journey together I hope that you will be kind in your judgement towards me. I am a work in progress. The purpose of this blog is not make you think you I am perfect. I am far from it. I’m just a somebody with plenty to say who wants to share her experiences with others. Welcome to my life. Welcome to my world the Morgan way.



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