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ASK ANDREA Shares  Tips for  Affordable Halloween Costumes.  costumes from your closet. If you aren’t yet ready for Halloween parties then I suggest creating one from your own closet. Look at the amazing costumes I created from my wardrobe. I won’t have to spend a dime this year by simply wearing these costumes and I can wear a different costume to each event.


Take a look at these great costumes I created from items I found in my closet, I swapped with friends, items I borrowed from friends, shared with family & neighbors, 



♠ Host a Costume Swap Party.  Invite all your girlfriends over for a potluck brunch where everyone brings the costumes they don’t want to be seen in anymore and you swap with each other.

♠ Host a Costume Swap Party for your Children with your neighbors and friends or through the PTA at school.






♠ Shop at thrift stores, they always have great low-cost options for costumes, especially if you only want to wear it once.






♠ Host a Witches Hat party brunch. Purchase low-cost witches hats from thrift or dollar stores, locate crafting materials from around the house,  add some fun items from the craft, dollar &  thrift store and decorate your own hat, next create a witch costume to go with the hat from black attire from in your closet. Better yet have everyone bring crafts and decorating items from their homes and you can all share to create a wonderful witches hat.



♠ Have fun, be creative and plan your costume early so you are rushing around at the last minute trying to find the right costume to wear.


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