Behind Every Successful Woman is a Tribe of Other Successful Women who have her back

Behind Every Successful Woman is a Tribe of Other Successful Women who have her back

The Hello Beautiful Ladies Website is all about empowering women, promoting women, helping women be successful, helping women in distress out of bad environments, encouraging personal growth, promoting sisterhood, guiding women towards their purpose,  and encouraging independence.  If you believe in this cause, I invite you to like the Facebook page, to follow the Facebook page and most importantly to share the Facebook page with other women who can use the FREE  information on the site to empower themselves and create change in their lives.  


The BreakOver is all about Breaking up with your past and making yourself over into a new you. Whether it’s breaking a bad habit, getting out of a bad relationship, finding your power and purpose in life, changing careers,  changing your lifestyle, or pursuing your dream. I invite you to blog with me, share your stories and successes with me and the other Beautiful Women on the site. We all face challenges daily and how we respond to those hurdles is what defines our character.

Do we support other women, our friends, family, co-workers,  in their journey towards success, or are we jealous and malicious and seek to tear them down?  do we gossip or belittle them and strive to impune their character? Or do we look for the good and seek out ways we can support and promote them in their journey? Do we celebrate their success with them? Are we apart of a sisterhood tribe?




Today, women are a lot more isolated in their own homes and lives and more separate from each other. The opportunities for coming together are much more limited and the time spent together in this way greatly reduced. Because of this woman miss the beautiful healing and nourishment that comes from being with other. Which is why it is important that we take time for ourselves and engage in activities with other women, such as a book club, dinner-club, athletic activities, or simply going to dinner and a movie. We need time to share our stories with other women and to receive their support and encouragement.


Why is it important to have a Tribe of supportive women in our lives?

1. Women understand – To share the thoughts and feelings of your honest, authentic self is one of the best benefits of sisterhood.  A tribe or sisterhood is a safe space to share and heal, especially useful when it feels like the world is against you. To call another woman a sister is to say, “I trust you”, “I have your back”, “Your feelings are valid”, and “I believe in you.”

2. A Tribe is empowering. A female must know, love, and honor herself before she can know love, and honor a friend. When women are empowered, the entire community is empowered. Together as women we can change the world and start by changing our environment.


3. We are superwomen  (Wonder Woman) We can look at Wonder Woman as an archetype of female empowerment. In the comics and in older television series, Wonder Woman is portrayed as a superheroine. Wonder Woman fights for justice, love, peace, and gender equality. Wonder Woman is a warrior princess. 

4. Women share secrets. You have to be a sister in the Tribe to know each other’s secrets and special talents. 

5. Mentoring is an important part of the Tribe.   The tribe must be diverse in order to grow and continue positive social change.  Our daughters should be groomed to be empowered superwomen sisters from birth. We all have the capacity to promote justice, love, peace, gender, and racial equality.

Our sisterhood is our tribe and each of us is gifted with something unique, our own knowledge, skillsets, and experiences, which assist us in our mission. Our tribe is a diverse sisterhood exemplified in the many ages, shapes, colors, and textures of our physical selves.

Within our Tribe, we can create and manifest a reality of empowered femininity within our communities and far beyond our borders.


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