Dating and the 4 Bodies of Being

Dating and the Four Bodies of Being:

Some of you have this down, loving every twist and turn of the adventure! Coffee, lunch, dinner, hike, what ever it is, you are in!! Others of us find it fueled by a multitude of thoughts and feelings that seem anything but that of an adventure… more a necessary evil if we want to have someone to connect and create wonderful memories with.

Whether an introvert or an extrovert, totally on your game or a bit unsure, a goddess or a rockstar in the making, we all want to present ourselves at our best. Our personal confidence has a huge impact on how we take this journey.

Of course it is important that we like what we see in the mirror! You know, our physical self, our hair, make up and outer dressings. Along with this it is important that we ask ourselves if we are mentally and emotionally ready? Have we done our work to heal from our divorce, last break up, last betrayal, last disappointment, last lesson? These are the steps that help us to identify who we are and better understand are true nature and authentic self.

It is not nessacarily an easy walk. But knowing who we are at our core helps us to know what we want and also what we don’t want. Who we want to attract into our personal and most sacred space. I have been single for a long time and I know this journey well… dating sights, blind dates, chance meetings. I have met many amazing people who have become long term friends, some short term lovers, and others that lead me to wonder why I ordered a medium coffee instead of a small.

Self knowing is a process and a journey, a journey that never ends… as we are endless beings. The trick is to get ourselves to a place of balance where we understand this so we can attract our best “other”… the one that can meet us where we are and us them. This way we are true partners and become teacher and student to each other, expanding together as we co create our shared worlds. Jan Maybey. 

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