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The Spiritual world is a world of light and love. I have discovered my purpose and passion through meditation and enlightenment. My purpose is to empower women to make an impact on the world. We are strong, beautiful, capable, smart, talented, loving giving divine creatures and we should be our best promoters. 

Journaling – Why is it important to journal?  keep a proper journal of feelings, ideas, intuition, positive events in your life, Keep a journal of your feelings after you have meditated. Meditation is like dreams and can easily be forgotten. You will want to remember the inspiration you receive through meditation.  If you like write down the dates.

Start by writing down your thoughts of the day, how you felt, what you accomplished, who you saw that brought good energy into your life, your feelings your struggles your dream and hopes. Writing down your feelings gives you perspective.You may find yourself writing about someone you love or something you wish to achieve or accomplish, what you feel about something that happened to you in your past, this could be cathartic and a healing exercise.  Don’t worry if you miss a day or town, just get back into the habit of writing daily, perhaps before you go to bed each night. If you write at night it is a method of unwinding and settling your thoughts a way of being in tune with your energy.

Why is journaling important?  We live life so fast, we barely take time to eat, breathe or relax. This causes stress in our bodies which can make us ill. It is during moments of quiet contemplation that we begin to hear our still small inner voice. Our Intuition and our Angels and guides.  You must make time and space for yourself to rejuvenate.  Give yourself permission to express your thoughts, dreams, ideas, wishes, goals, expectations and anticipations.  

If you have a question write it down and ask the universe for an answer and then sit in quiet meditation while you wait for your inner voice to prove you with the response.  Look for another Sunday Sermon on Listening to your Intuition.

You may want to check out the “Listening to Your Intuition” Ebook and Video available on the website.

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