357 Mag Bullet Shell Aqua Quartz Earrings


357 mag bullet shell Aqua Quartz earring

Sold By: Marianna Wilson


357 mag bullet shell Aqua Quartz earring

These stunning earrings combine hand collected hollowed out 357mag bullet shells and a heat dyed aqua quartz crystal. Each pair of crystals is hand picked for balance and symmetry. Nestled in an up-cycled bullet shell and fixed with sterling wire and sterling French ear hook, these earrings are bold yet stunning for an edgy look.

Due to the handmade nature of each piece, items may vary slightly from those shown. The individuality of each piece is what makes each item special and unique. Please note that the colors and shapes of the stones and metals may vary slightly from one pair to another, and that colors and finishes may appear slightly different on your computer monitor.

Caring for your Artisan Jewelry:

Please be mindful that wire jewelry is very delicate and should be handled with the utmost care to ensure years of wear. I advise against wearing your jewelry to bed as the delicate wire pieces may become misshapen. It is also a good idea to avoid swimming or bathing in your jewelry as this may speed up the natural patina process.

Clean your Sage & Stone pieces regularly with warm water, a soft bristled brush and an ammonia and phosphate free dishwashing soap. Be sure to rinse throughly and gently pat dry. Regular cleanings will help prevent items from becoming heavily tarnished. Please avoid abrasive polishes as these may scratch the metals as well as degrade soft stones.


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