Shop in Your Own Closet – Bring New Life to Your Wardrobe

Shop in your own closet – Bring new life to your wardrobe

Reinvent, recreate mix and match and bring new life to old. Save money by reinventing your current clothing. No need to buy new when you can create new outfits by mixing and matching what you currently have and bringing new life to your wardrobe. I sat there and looked in my closet and said I have nothing to wear. Oh, wait I have loads to wear. I simply need to mix and match the outfits I already have. We all get tired of the same ol same ol.  Instead of spending money we don’t have and buying on the impulse to make us feel better temporarily, it’s time to clean out our closets.  Take all of your clothes out of your closet and stand back and assess what you have.  Once everything is spread out in the room you can see what you really have. 





What I like to do next is to start creating new outfits. I select a pair of pants and then pair it up with blouses and jacket that would go together with the pants. I look at my dresses and determine which jackets I could wear with each dress.  I then arrange the various outfit selections in my closet so that I remember how to pair them together.  You may even want to take a photo of each outfit so that you remember how to pair the items together. This makes you feel like you have a new outfit even when you don’t.








Mixing and matching is the key. Mixing colors and patterns can be fun. Select Accessories that will go with each outfit. Be creative and inventive, don’t slip into old patterns of wearing the same old comfortable items. If you find there are items that you haven’t worn in the last 2 yrs and you won’t wear them donate them to goodwill, remember to get a receipt for a tax write off

When you shop for clothing don’t be tempted to buy the impulse items. Shop with a list of what you need and purchase classic items that will stand the test of time, refrain from purchasing trendy items that go out of style. If you want something trendy be certain you aren’t spending a lot on it, so you don’t feel bad when you donate it to goodwill.


Create a budget for clothing purchase and stick to it. Only buy items you truly love and will wear. Don’t buy items that are so-so and you get them home and don’t love them. Try shopping at thrift and second-hand shops. I find that often people discard designer items and you can pick them up for bargain prices.

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